Beach Tourism in Makassar Interesting To Visit


Beach Tourism in Makassar Interesting To Visit

Makassar is an area in the eastern part of Indonesia that is growing here is getting to experience rapid growth. So even with the potential of tourism which is now so big. One sector wsiata destinations in Makassar which is a favorite natural attractions such as the beach. Makassar has a variety of beaches and the island is very beautiful and attractive. So you have the chance to come to Makassar would be very unfortunate if to miss a visit to some tourist beach in Makassar. 

Well, here are some places such as the beach in Makassar wsiata that can be on you:

1. Losari

Panta in Makassar that famous saint is Losari this. Bahwkan beach yangf this one becoming part of Makassar icon. There are few tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of Losari for a broad expanse of sea. So indeed may be the right choice tourist destination. In this Losari you can taste the delicious seafood cuisine for filling the stomach. The rising and setting of the sun is the right moment to come to Losari. Because the fund can mejumpai beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

2. Turkish Akkarena

Travel beaches in Makassar next is very interesting to visit Akkarena Beach. It is itself located on the coast headland interest. The interesting thing about this is their Akkarena Beach park covering an area of ​​approximately 450 square meters along Arsitekstur complete with Mediterranean style buildings. You can also find some of the recreation facilities and water sports ranging from jetski, banana boat, speed boat and others.

3. Samalona Island

You who have a hobby of diving, Makassar Samalona Island Marine Tourism can be an option as a place for diving. The distance is approximately 7 km from the center of the city of Makassar. If you do not want to dive, you can enjoy a beach resort here with beautiful natural panorama. Play and relax by the beach was very exciting.

4. Lae-Lae Island Small

Berikunya gorgeous beaches and interesting place to visit in Makassar is a beach located on the island of Lae Lae-Small. The beach at this island has white sand and clean sea water is so clear. More interesting again around the coast there is a row of trees which he calls the tree Tammate boost to the beauty of the beaches here
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