Sightseeing in Balikpapan is Not-Be Missed To Visit

Sightseeing in Balikpapan is Not-Be Missed To Visit

Baqian of Borneo island which is very famous Balikpapan. Areas that are in the southeast coast of East Kalimantan is known as the Oil City because Indonesia is a source of oil. Well, behind the nickname as the Oil City, Balikpapan has many attractive tourist destinations.


If you have chance to come to Balikpapan, do not miss to visit some tourist attractions following:

1. Caribbean Island Waterpark

First is the first family travel. You can choose a Caribbean Island Waterpark as a destination for a trip with my family. Caribbean Island Waterpark is even claimed to be the largest tourist attractions in Indonesia play Baian East. You can enjoy so many rides here.

2. Mangrove Margomulyo

Continues to natural tourist destinations in Balikpapan. There are Mangrove Margomulyo that you can recover. In this mangrove forest you can see various birds, fish and some other animals. Even more interesting than the tourist attractions this one is the atmosphere beautiful and cool with a light breeze that soothes anyone while here. In Mangrove also you can bejumpa with wooden bridge stretching 800 meters. Capture the moments of your time here in a photo shoot.

3. Coastal Lamaru

Still with its natural attractions, Balikpapan has Lamaru Beach that you should not miss to visit. You can enjoy the view of the expanse of the high seas were so beautiful. Interestingly, on the outskirts of Lamaru Beach stands many pine trees that provide an atmosphere of its own coolness.

4. Village Water Margasari

Another interesting tourist destinations in Balikpapan is Kampung Water Margasari. Currently quite rare floating village. But apparently Balikpapan still got it, and Kampung Margasari Water is the answer. You can meniikmati village atmosphere that floats on water. In fact, you can walk around the village and bertinteraksi with local residents. Not to forget, you can also fish in the village of Upper Air Margasari.

5. Parks Bekapai

Now is the time to enjoy the beautiful night in London by coming to the Garden Bekapai. Parks Bekapai already so well known in Balikpapan. It is also located in the city center, so it is always crowded with people. Delicious culinary variety that also can be found in Park Bekapai.
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