This Is The Supremacy of Indonesia Tourism

This Is The Supremacy of Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia Tourism

If you want to know about Indonesia Tourism. Then there is no harm in just visited Indonesia travel sites. This site belongs to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy then you will get information about the advantages that will be acquired. Speaking about the state-owned tourism We have a lot of advantages that should be highlighted. In addition there is also the drawback that should be eliminated.

The benefits will be felt, namely:

1. Its area
The advantages obtained a gift from God Almighty. It can been seen from a wide area are largely owned waters. So the coastal area which can be developed into very much. This is what can be a source of foreign exchange income country. Besides the location of Indonesia highly profitable ie two continents. The two continents of Asia and Australia. In addition, there are two, namely the Indian and Pacific oceans.

2. Natural resources
We have so many natural resources that could be introduced in the eyes of the world. So many foreign tourists who want to come to the country Kita. Natural resources are related to the culture, historical heritage, wealth and many other tribes. So often many foreign tourists who come to bring souvenirs typical and also very popular. Everything was given to the family there to glue the kinship that exists.

3. Number of residents
The many cultures that exist in Indonesia tourism became one of the attraction of foreign travelers. This is because Indonesia has a number of very dense population. But all of them are divided into sections such as religion, ethnicity and many more. But life as lived into something very peaceful and well run harmoniously.

4. The success of development
As given way to attract tourists to come and also to provide optimum service. Thus giving a good impression given adequate infrastructure. The government is incentive to do the construction. So that tourists come will be very comfortable feel. No success can be determined by the number of places to stay, a vehicle owned and many more.

5. The government's commitment
As the information provided by the Indonesian government travel that very large commitment to develop tourism. It is expected the tourists who come to get a good service. So that they would be happy to return again to this place. All this is done to earn foreign exchange and also efforts in the welfare of society. You of course know that the Tourism sector has become the backbone of the economic growth. Even if the tourism sector is damaged then huge losses will be experienced by Indonesia tourism.
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