Try Best Activity in Bali Ubud That Make You Closer With Bali

Bali Ubud

Try Activity Interest in Bali Ubud That Make You Closer With Bali

If you want to get regular comprehensive holiday experience in Indonesia, the main goal must-visit is the island of Bali. Bali is a very beautiful place bahwakan for its beauty, Bali is often dubbed as the paradise of Indonesia. It's all natural because Bali is still beautiful and natural, and its inhabitants are still preserving their culture. One very nice place to visit is Bali Ubud, located to the north of Denpasar. Anything that you can do here?

Playing Swing in Zen Altitude Hideway
Do you want to feel the thrill of playing swing very stressful? You can come to Zen Hideaway can be achieved approximately 25 minutes from Bali Ubud. This could be the best experience you because you can stay at an inn on the hill made of wood. There is also provided a swing and underneath there is a beautiful Ayung river.

Viewed Kokokan Birds in Petulu
Maybe you've never seen a bird Kokokan every afternoon they always fly abuzz. This is the type of crane always passing by in the village of Petulu Ubud. This phenomenon is a unique phenomenon that you can not miss. You have to watch a lot of birds Kokokan is believed to be protective of local people from the threat of danger is flying above the sky bergerombolan Petulu.

Hugging Bear Honey Pod Chocolate Café
As we know, the sun bear is the animal that is quite dangerous. However, that does not mean you do not get to him because in the Pod Chocolate you can chat with bears even you can hug him. You may have never experienced this before, so you should try it when you come to Bali Ubud.

White Water Rafting
Ayung River is a river that Give life to residents of Ubud and Bali in general. The river is also a tourist attraction that is interesting because you can play rafting along with other visitors along this river. While down the river, you can see a very natural wild until eventually you can also see the traditional village there.
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