Preserving What Is Culture Indonesia

Culture Indonesia
Culture Indonesia

Preserving What Is Culture Indonesia

Every country has its culture. But you know what is culture? Culture or culture is a heritage, customs preserved from generation to generation since time immemorial. Just like other countries, Indonesia also has a very distinctive culture and diverse. Cultural property in Indonesia can be reflected because of the many tribes are scattered in various areas. Besides culture localized, Indonesia also has a distinct national culture with foreign cultures from other countries. As good citizens, we shall preserve the culture from extinction. 

To know more about the culture in Indonesia, there are few places that can be visited with the family, among others:

• Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Why is this place fit a visit to get to know the culture of Indonesia? Due to a wide range of interesting information about the culture can be found there. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah presents a cultural tourism experience that is amazing. Various types of custom homes, clothing, weapons, and other art from various places in Indonesia is illustrated through a variety of things. Miniature islands in Indonesia can be seen while walking around and enjoying the fun tourist activities.

• Saung Mang Udjo

For those of you who want to know the culture of Indonesia, particularly the Sundanese culture and West Java Saung Mang Udjo in Bandung is one option that matches tourist sites visited with family. Besides being able to recognize and know different cultures Sunda region of origin, you can also see a wide variety of performances, music and so forth. This place became one of the locations that are very worthy cultural educational tool that can be relied upon.

• Sauwandarek Kampung Raja Ampat.

This place became one of the locations that can be visited to know and find out the unique culture of the local area. Activities natives, unique handicrafts, performing arts and so forth can be seen while they are there. Region Saunwandarek Raja Ampat is also a destination not to be missed for tourists visiting to Raja Ampat to increase knowledge and broaden insight into the local culture.

In addition to some of the locations above, there are many other places that provide information of regional culture or national culture in Indonesia. An example is the Antique Market in Solo, Performing Sigale-gale in Sumatra, Wayang Kulit performances in Yogya and others. To find out more about the understanding of what is culture and culture of whatever is in Indonesia, you can access the official tourism website at now. In addition to presenting information sites of cultural nuances, also presents a more attractive tourist info and so complete for local and foreign tourists.

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