Tourist Attraction in Malang Never Lonely Visitor

Tourist Attraction in Malang

Tourist Attraction in Malang Never Lonely Visitor

Choosing Malang as a destination for excursions is the right choice. You can find so many tourist destinations in Malang is a very interesting place to visit. So even if you come from outside the city of Malang, a very interesting impression of the various tourist destinations in Malang would be what you get. 

Well, below is a series of attractions in Malang is never empty of visitors and can be a recommendation for you:

1. Jatim Park 1

We start from Jatim Park 1, who is not familiar with the tourist attraction that is always crowded with tourists this? Moreover, if the holiday season has arrived, Jatim Park 1 has been becoming a favorite family holiday destination. There are so many exciting rides that you can try at Jatim Park 1. Starting from the water rides, games adrenaline like a jet coaster, up to a vehicle for education as two of them are Outdoor Science Center, Science Center Gallery Nusantara Chemistry & Biology.

2. Jatim Park 2

Despite being the second session of travel Jawa Timur Park alias Jatim Park, but a sensation of excitement that you can get in Jatim Park 2 is not the same as the Jatim Park 1 tourist Destinations in Malang this one has a theme zoo. Therefore, Jatim Park 2 is also called as the Stone Zoo screet which stores various collection of animals. Moreover, in Jatim Park 2 you are also presented with the Wildlife Museum, where you can see replicas of animals such as Tyrannosaurus purbam-Res, Mammoth, Stegosaurus and so forth.

3. Eco Green Park

Tourist destinations in the next Malang never deserted pengunjuang is Eco Green Park. As the name suggests, this family attractions is perfect for us and for the kids as a place to introduce various environmental maintenance thing. There is also a mini zoo which will be met in Eco Green Park. When entering the entrance, you are greeted by a large gaja statue made of tekevisi former. Very unique and interesting indeed. Not to mention you can also enjoy a variety of exciting rides. So do not be surprised if Eco Green Park is always crowded.

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