Traveling in Bogor Matches To Be Objective Vacationing Children

Traveling in Bogor

Traveling in Bogor Matches To Be Objective Vacationing Children

When vacation time has come, you who have young children certainly have no desire to spend time together with family and child for a vacation to an attractive tourist destination. Well, speaking of attractive tourist destinations, Bogor had plenty. Bogor has become an area with tourism potential is quite large. So also the right choice if you chose Bogor as a destination for a vacation. 

Various tourist destinations in Bogor suitable for children. Here among others:

1. Wildlife Safari

Who does not know the tourist attractions of this one? Wildlife Safari is always crowded, especially if the holiday season has arrived. You can take the children for a visit to the Safari Park to watch the various animals and know better the lives of thousands of animals living in Taman Safari Cisarua Puncak, Bogor. Even pulling not only to see wildlife are the activities that can be done at the Safari Park. Children also can you invite to enjoy some games in Taman Safari also up with culinary travel.

2. The Jungle Water Adventure

Switch to water attractions suitable for children, Bogor had The Jungle Water Adventure which deserves to be visited. Bogor tourist destinations in this one presents a swimming pool with various water rides very exciting. Swim along with the children here certainly have the impression that very interesting. You and the kids can enjoy the waterslide provided various altitudes and certainly thrill slides. Starting from Slide Pool which has a height of 8 meters, and Spiral Slide with a 12 meter high up with Tube Slide is a slide covered with 12 meters high.

3. Mekarsari

Standing on an area of ​​264 ha, Mekarsari is the largest fruit garden in Indonesia. Collection of fruits here reached 1470 varieties by the number reached 100 thousand trees. With the concept of education, reforestation and also recreational, tourist destinations in Bogor on this one is that teoat choice to become a vacation destination with children. Children will be introduced to various collections of fruits from different regions and even from different countries. Plus more interesting you can encourage children to enjoy a variety of games or rides there as babana boat, floating donut, until the water geese and others.

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